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Are you enjoying May as much as I am?
May 23, 2022 Aqua Beauty

Are you enjoying May as much as I am?

We’ve settled into the beautiful month of May and it feels like things are looking a little more ‘normal’. Friends are organising overdue catch ups, lovers are finally tying the knot without risking their long-awaited day, clients are coming back to me from overseas, and we are breathing a bit easier without the hassle of masks… at least for now! And while I am thoroughly enjoying helping brides prepare for their special day, I wonder, are you skin-ready for the cooling weather and all the socials at hand?

As the days grow shorter and cooler, our skin becomes more sensitive, and that means we need to adjust our skin care regime to ensure our skin stays hydrated, plump and smooth. It can be as easy as layering up your skincare with a serum or a vitamin boost. But, as you may have guessed, I already have perfect ingredient in mind; it’s called Lotion N by Dermaviduals.

I love Lotion N. To me, it’s like a magical ingredient you can spritz on your face and whole body after a shower and get instant, deep hydration, softening and smoothing that prepares your skin to absorb all the benefits from the serums and moisturisers you layer on top. How does it work? Lotion N features nature-identical vegetable oils encapsulated in nanoparticles, including high quality membrane components and essential fatty acids that immediately penetrate the skin. These work to regenerate the skin barrier and restore its natural balance, while preventing dryness. Lotion N is ideal for dehydrated (and even acne-prone) skin, which is why it’s the perfect addition to your skin care routine going into the cooler months.

This month, you get 20% off every purchase of Dermaviduals Lotion N, that’s $127.20 for a 150ml bottle. I hope you enjoy every last drop of it.

Lotion N

Kind regards,
Sue Ellen

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